1. Things that suck:

    * You crave what you can’t have
    * You can’t buy the things you want
    * You are being compared to others
    * You always wonder about the things in life
    * You feel insecure for tons of things
    * You envy other people
    * People expect something from you
    * Being rejected
    * People talk behind your back
    * Fake friends
    * You can’t show the real you coz you’re afraid to be judged


  2. I wonder.

    There’s tons of things in life that I still don’t know. Many things happened, for reasons unknowned. There’s alot of things that makes my mind blow.

    But there’s one thing that I am very sure of. And that is my wonders will all be known.

    Why? Where? What? When? How? Those are the questions that are answered anyway, somehow

    Maybe not now but on the right time. Not today nor tomorrow. It’ll be On the right age. Or when needed. All those wondered things will all be cleared.

    No need to rush. No need to hurry things up. In time we will know. We just need to wait for the day to come up


  3. Problems

    Don’t worry darling. Everything will be okay. Problems may come and cross your way. It will bring you down and play you games. But always remember to keep on walking the right way.

    Think positive and never give up. Always remember that you are brave and tough.

    You’re not born to be a loser so man up and be a fighter. Sooner or later it will all be over. But when you lose hope look up and you’ll see that he’s there. Remember his advice to bring the best armor. And that is the prayer and guidance from our Father.


  4. Post whut?

    I decided to post things with sense here in tumblr. It will really be a great help for me to accomplish what my daddy wanted me to do this summer.
    So, do you know what my dad asked me to do? (I’m sure you don’t)

    My dad’s not in favor of me posting about my ‘fangirl thing’ so here it is:

    He said that I better get those serious stuffs out of my head.
    He knew that one of my talents is about writing things and expressing feelings. So here it is dad! I created my blog! Lol xD

    So far, i’m enjoying to write something here.


  5. Soon?

    i’m still wondering on how I can follow some accounts here. How can I move? How can I do things here? It’s not a familliar world. I hope I can figure this out. Soon. :( :)

  6. Oh, is this true? I hope it is :)) haha! Because i’m one of those girls who lacks in height.

    I take my height as a very ugly part of my whole being. I always wanted to be a tall gal but where can I get the gift of height? None in my family has a tall height! Haha!

    But hey! Base from readers digest, the shorter ones are the prettiest so yay! I love being a short gal. And fyi already realized that height is’nt a big deal anyways. Lol xD


  7. When Insecurity hits me.

    I usually feel insecure. And I hate it. I always dream and wonder on how to have straight hair like hers, fit body like hers, tall height like hers and etc.

    I wish that i’m perfect but I know I can’t be like that.
    I wish I am like her but I know I cannot. I wish I’m pretty like her. I wish i’m intelligent like her. I wish that i’m kind, charming, lovable and jolly like her. Blah. Blah.

    This suck. No, no. I suck!

    Yeah, I know that I can’t be the perfect girl I want to be. but is it bad to hope to be the girl I dream to be? Should I stop comparing myself to other girls and be satisfied on what kind of girl I came up now? Should I change myself? Or should I stay as the girl I use to be, accept my imperfections and be happy? Hmmm…

    Honestly it’s hard when INSECURITY attacks. :(


  8. "Be yourself and stay unique. Your imperfections make you beautiful, lovable and valuable. They show your personality."
    — This will always be one of my favorite quotes. :))
  9. Hey there BATGIRL. :)) it seems that your flower crown looks good on you. :)) lol xD


  10. Lol xD

    Just decided to enter the world of Tumblr. Lol xD This is way different than Twitter or any other sites and it’s still hard for me to figure out how to work on this. :( But i’mma try my best. :( I really hope that i’ll be better on doing the tumblr ‘stuffs’ next time. :P